Giovanna Vitale
Born in Cortina d'Ampezzo, she studied with members of the MAC,
Movimento Arte Concreta, particularly with Bruno Munari and Nino Di
Salvatore, and after graduating in strategic design she got a PhD in
industrial design at Politecnico di Milano.

Visual professional designer since 1986. She started working at
G&R Associati in Milan, with Giorgio Fioravanti and Luciano Lorenzi
and in 1988 she founded Doppiouni, of which today is project leader
and art director.

Professional partner of AIAP, the association has sponsored her
photographic exhibitions, invited her to conferences and events, and
presented her books.

Professional photographer since 1986, she has had assignments
for photographic campaigns and editorial publications and she has
participated in group and solo exhibitions as a photographer.

Publishing activity she professionally edits digital publications. She
worked with various newspapers: "Modo", "Art Lab", "Art App", "Print",
"Progetto Grafico" by providing articles and images on the topics of
the communication project. She is author of books on the culture of
the project: "Prima del progetto", Lupetti 2009,
"Il museo visibile", Lupetti 2010, "Design di sistema per le istituzioni
culturali. Il museo empatico", Zanichelli 2013.

Teaching activity, she carried out many teaching duties in the field
of design (Scuola Politecnica di Design, Accademia di Comunicazione,
Domus Academy). She is currently professor of visual communication
at the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Current activities, she also designs jewels, alongside Giorgio
Lorenzi. For this new business she created the brand "iLorenzi" and
the website She is responsible for designing jewels
with a particular taste for the hybridization of forms and materials
and the configurative minimalism.

She carries on a collaboration in the research field: at Politecnico di
Milano, she works with the research team on the strategic design.