A design under the sign of the sense and reason

Doppiouni design practice constitutes, since 1988, a solid working
group with design methods departing from the pictorial research and
the scientific study of the theories of visual communication and
perception. It is no coincidence that the founders, Giovanna Vitale
and Giorgio Lorenzi, trained at the "bottega" of great designers of
international reputation (such as Bruno Munari, Heinz Waibl, Nino Di
Salvatore, Hans Von Klier and Giorgio Fioravanti) and come from a
long and uninterrupted cooperation with G&R Associati, historic
Milanese reality in the field of graphic design.

The practice deals with everything related to visual communication,
graphic design, advertising and visual design in general and, in
recent years, even the jewelry design.
But, in reality, the areas of intervention have been always oriented
to the whole project, in a vision of strategic and systemic design,
hard to contain in an unique definition of field: from the early years
of activity the group was confronted on the ground of the total and
systemic project, gaining, through several experiences, a know-how
of eclectic designers able to deal with complexity, thanks also to the
continuous activity of trainers and coordinators in universities and
private schools of design.
The group did not specialize in a single business sector and this
allowed them to grow and strengthen in the search of the best
solution for the problems posed by clients. In addition, their main
interest has become to communicate the message through the most
suitable instrument and the most significant sign.
Broadening their horizons as much as possible, the group studies
and tenaciously applies a design method marked by critical thinking,
curiosity and the search for meaning.